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So, watching the Victoria’s Fashion Show last night, I was honestly blown away by these women – they looked gorgeous, radiant, glowing, and super confident (of course, most of this brought on by lots of work from a team of professionals).  Who wouldn’t want to be one of them?  In all honesty, sure, they’re probably from another planet, and god only knows how much work it would take to get there… But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel like an Angel.  Here are some of my tips for getting your Angel glow on:

  • Water, water, water!  This one is super important – how can you expect your skin to look nice and fresh if you don’t start hydrating yourself from the inside out?  Your skin craves moisture, especially in the winter, and making sure you drink lots of water is going to help!
  • That being said, don’t skip your moisturizer.  Try to apply within a few minutes of getting out of the shower – your skin is going to soak it right up. Another tip – apply right before going to bed.  You’ll feel nice and relaxed, and wake up feeling silky smooth.
  • Try to shower in warm water – bombarding your skin with hot water might feel nice at the time, but your dried out skin won’t later.
  • Try not to overdo it on the bad food – you know what I’m talking about!  Even though it’s expecially tempting during the holiday season, try to be nice to your body and save thebad stuff for treats once in a while.  Your body will thank you.  And when you feel good, you look good!
  • Wake up every morning, and say “Good morning beautiful” – Better yet, write it on your mirror in lipstick or dry erase marker, because there’s nothing better than seeing that first thing in the morning.  Let’s face it – you are beautiful.  Just remind yourself once in a while.
  • Let your confidence shine through – if you love yourself, so will everyone else.

So those are my tips.  What do you think?  Anything you’d add?

I’m also going to be putting together a look based on the VS Angels.  Look for it soon!

Dee xoxo