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LIFESAVER: Facial Wipes

Ladies, allow me to introduce you to your new best friend: the amazing, multi-tasking facial wipe.  I’ve shown a picture of the Body Shop’s Vitamin E Gentle Cleansing Wipes, but everyone makes them (Olay, Clean & Clear, Dove, Nivea, Johnson’s… I could go on and on.  Even store brands make them now – I’ve been using Rexall’s own facial wipes for a while now) – so it’s easy to find one that works for you and suits your budget. Bottom line is – they all pretty much do the same thing, and they can be a huge timesaver.  I highly suggest you invest in a pack or two to keep in your beauty kit/at the office/in your gym bag.  It’s the perfect product, and can help you out in so many ways:

  • Ready to hit the sack after a long night, but too lazy to wash your face?  Of course you don’t want to sleep with makeup on and clog your pores – one of these wipes will be just as effective at cleansing your face for now
  • Just finished a workout, and now you’re feeling gross but don’t have time to shower? Boom – facial wipe to the rescue.  IT will help clean up the sweat (and possible smell) until you can!
  • Just finished work and running late for a date?  Use one to quickly freshen up.

Those aren’t the only uses, of course, but just a few to show you why these are such a good idea to have around.  Do you use facial wipes?  What other uses have you found for these?


Dee xoxo