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Obsession: Annabelle Smudge Paint

I’m personally a huge fan of the cat’s eye. However, it can sometimes be hard to achieve. I haven’t quite mastered the perfect liquid liner line, and have been on the hunt for a good gel liner for a while now. While in WalMarta little while ago I stumbled upon this little gem in the Annabelle section – which, may I mention, is also waterproof. Available in 5 colours, I went for tar, the nice black shade . I found the consistency to be extremely nice, more “liquid-y” than other gel or cream liners I’ve tried. It went on extremely smoothly, and once it dried, it wasn’t going anywhere. It stayed on all day, and didn’t budge. It comes with a liner brush in the handle of the container, which is nice and convenient.  I’ll admit, at first I was a little unsure about the brush as it is quite small and thin… But lately, it’s been my go to tool for all things eyeliner – since it is so narrow, it allows you to apply the eyeliner in the thickness you desire. If you like a little more control, you can always go with your usualy eyeliner brush.

Long story short, this has become a staple in my makeup bag – and by that I mean I’ve been wearing it every day.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.