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KISS AND TELL: Marcelle BB Cream

Ok, so if you ask anyone who knows me, they can tell you that I love Zac Efron.  And by love I mean looooooooooove.  He’s perfection (but don’t tell my boyfriend!). You know what I love more than Zac Efron?  Products that actually work.  Which is why I am so excited to tell you about a product I received and was lucky enough to try out.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or not paying too much attention to the beauty world), you would have heard all the buzz lately about this new miracle product – BB Cream, or Beauty Balm.  It’s been huge over in Asia for a little while now, and now it’s making it’s way into Canada.  Marcelle is one of the firstcompanies bringing it’s BB Cream into Canada, and I can tell you right now that I am extremely happy they are.

Marcelle’s BB Cream, as posted on their website, is an 8 in 1 power product, providing these benefits:

  • Evens out skin tone
  • Offers immediate and long-term hydrating benefits
  • Protects from premature aging and environmental stresses
  • Promotes skin regeneration
  • Matifies skin and controls shine
  • Soothes and calms skins
  • Minimizes the appearance of imperfections and pores
  • Excellent make-up base provides anti-dull radiant complexion

You can think of it as a tinted moisturizing with an added dose of amazing.  It comes in two shades – light to medium and medium to dark.  I received the light to medium sample, and as I squeezed it onto my hand I was a little worried that it was going to show up a little too dark on my pale winter skin, but to my surprise it blended in quite nicely – didn’t look orange or out of place, and it did give me a nice little bit of colour to perk me up.

I’ve been using it as a tinted moisturizer for almost a week now and I can honestly say that I am very satisfied with the results.  I do find it to be quite moisturizing – it leaves you with a nice dewy glow that doesn’t look shiny or oily.  It’s also completely taken place of my foundation in my morning routine – it provides just the right amount of coverage to cover up any little imperfections and even out my skin tone without making it look like I’mwearing a full face of makeup. I’ll post some before and after pictures later.

The only downside to this BB Cream that I’ve found so far is that it doesn’t contain any SPF, so I would suggest applying a moisturizing with SPF before hand to make sure that your delicate skin stays protected.  Other than that, I am completely in love with Marcelle’s BB Cream.  If you get the chance, I highly suggest giving it a try – it’s one of my new miracle products.  You can currently order it online at the Marcelle website if you’re impatient like me – if you can handle the wait, it will be dropping in stores on February 6.  It retails for $22.95.

Are you planning on trying out any of the new BB Cream offerings?