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LOVE: Biore Skincare Collection

Biore is relaunching with a fresh new look, and I got to try some of their products just in time for their arrival in stores this February. They’ve updated the style of their products to look clean and fresh, and have also colour coded the collection so that it’s easier to pick the products that fit in with your routine and will perfect your complexion (blue for deep cleansing, orange for complexion clearing and pink for makeup removing).  I’ve been using a few of the products from the deep cleansing and complexion clearing lines for a couple of weeks now and am very pleased with the results!

Biore Combination Balancing Cleanser with Skin Purifying Technology ($9.99): This one is actually a new product which “goes deep to purge pores of dirt, oil and impurities.” The nicest part about this is that it is designed with combination skin in mind – It leaves your skin feeling nice and clean, but it doesn’t strip it of the moisture.  I also found that it washed my makeup off nicely, so it felt like I got a nice deep clean.

Biore Blemish Fighting Astringent ($9.99)This astringent is the perfect follow up to the balancing cleanser – it removes any traces of dirt and oil that the cleanser might have missed, leaving you with smooth, clean skin.  It also has2% salicylic acid in it which is perfect for fighting any nasty oncoming blemishes.  My favourite part of this is the refreshing feeling I get after using it – my skin feels cool, tingly and refreshed.

Warming Anti-Blackhead Cleanser ($9.99): I loooooooove this – it’s like a combination of a scrub and a warming mask, and it just feels so, so good on your skin.  It warms up when it comes into contact with your skin and feels extremely soothing and relaxing.  It also has a very fine gritty texture that cleans your pores and leaves you with smooth, glowing skin. I love the exfoliating quality of it.  This is easily one of my favourite skin care products ever.

Deep Cleansing Pore Strips ($9.99 for 8, $15.99 for 14): I almost feel like I don’t need to write anything about these – if you haven’t tried these by now, you honestly don’t know what you’re missing out on. These provide the ultimate deep clean for those pores on your nose that are clogged with dirt and oil.  Slap it on, wait ten minutes, and rip it off (think The Princess Diaries).  It honestly gets everything.  And honestly, there is nothing more satisfying than examining that strip to see all the junk that just got pulled out of your nose – don’t even try to deny it. These lovely little strips are lifesavers.  Your nose will thank you.