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OBSESSION: Mereadesso Lip Treats

The key to a perfect pout?  Soft, moisturized lips.  Which is why I know you’re going to love Mereadesso’s Lip Treats ($28.00).  Sure, the price is a little steeper than your every balms, but these are fantastic.  And the best part?  You get 2 – one to keep in your purse, one to keep at home (or your boyfriend’s place, you never know when you’re going to need it!).

They’re made with a blend of evening primrose, grape seed, coconut and sunflower oils with the benefits of Vitamins A, C, and E thrown in – in other words, perfect for getting your lips in perfect shape.  I really like using these as a balm (it does leave a nice sheen), but they are also perfect to use as a primer under lipstick or gloss (or on top of a stain), as they help smooth out your lips to create a perfect base.  They also have a very, very light lemon-y scent, which is barely noticeable but still there, and it smells dee-lish. Another plus?  These are totally non-waxy, and leave your lips soft.  The only downside to these that I’ve found so far is that they are very narrow – so the tip is quite thin, moreso than I’m used to in a balm.  That’s not really a huge problem though, which is why I’m adding these to my list of holy grails!