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GIRLS NIGHT IN: Biore Canada

I know, I’m a little delayed in posting this – sorry for the wait!  If you haven’t seen the pictures I posted on Facebook yet, they’re all in here.

Last week, my friends at Biore gave me the opportunity to host a Girl’s Night In with a few of my friends, complete with manis, pedis, facials, and cupcakes! The amazing ladies from Spa Party showed up at my house with all their gear and quickly got to setting up while my friends and I had some munchies and a glass of wine to relax after work.

We quickly got down to business – time to get pampered!

Some of us got the night started with facials – they were done using Biore’s amazing products, which have now been redesigned to fall into three different lines – blue for deep cleansing, orange for complexion clearing and pink for make-up removing.  The facials were super refreshing and were tailored to suit each of our skincare needs.

Biore products used for the facials

Bash feeling fresh and relaxed after her facial

While we waited for our turn at the Biore facial station, the rest of us got manicures

Gorgeous nails

Thanks so much to the ladies from Spa Party – click here to find out more information– they are a completely mobile spa company that will come to you.  They do all sorts of events, from corporate to birthdays to bachelorette parties (yeah, we were already discussing that last one lol). They did an amazing job and gave us the perfect night of pampering!

Seriously, what’s a girls night in without yummy treats?  Cupcakes can’t be beat!

Everyone also got an amazing swag bag full of Biore goodies – I think it’s safe to say we’re all going to be having amazing complexions for the next little while..

And, of course, I couldn’t leave out our Girl’s Night In mascot, Poppers.

Once again, thank you so much to Biore and Spa Party for giving us an amazing Girl’s Night In!