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WHAT’S IN YOUR MAKEUP BAG: Melanie of A Little Purple Folie…

Today I have a peek into another beauty blogger’s makeup bag, brought to you by Melanie from A Little Purple Folie… Take a look!
Melanie's Makeup Bag
Melanie's Makeup Bag
“I tend to carry way too much stuff (that is why I carry a ”suitcase” and not a purse as everyone who knows me like to tease me about lol). Now that you know I am a hopeless case (he he), let me show you what I never leave the house without.
I carry a bit of everything, including dental floss, tweezers and hair clips…but that is not what you are all interested in seeing now is it? Ok, so looking at the make-up items I carry around with me all the time you can clearly see I seem to be worried I won’t have enough lip products for the day (carrying 7 different ones). :/ Hopeless I said remember…
Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy (any respectable beauty blogger shall have at least one Revlon Lip Butter in her purse…right? Phew I’m covered!)
MaryKay Lip Gloss in Berry Tart (what’s with the dessert names for lippies?). I am really liking these glosses…I know Mary Kay who would have thought!? It is so not your aunt Rose’s make-up anymore. MaryKay is actually impressing the heck out of me lately. They are spot on with the trends. Someone at Head Office is doing her job right.
Smashbox gloss in Illuminate. Favorite nude gloss EVER. Love love this gloss. It has a brush and not a sponge tip applicator. It smells good and it’s gorgeous and shimmery.
MAC Fabby lipstick…it’s one of my favorite ”go to & don’t even need a mirror” kind of shade.
ELF Goddess lip gloss. Cheap and my all time favorite peach gloss. I haven’t found another I like better and I have a TON of lip glosses. Yep ELF. I have so many backups of this…
Annabelle Big Show Gloss in Giggle. Pretty pink shade. The name just makes me…giggle (ok, that one was too easy LOL).
Maybelline Line Stylist lip liner in Mauve 210. Glides on smoothly, no sharpening needed and goes with everything.
Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm. Awesome. I am a lip balm junkie.
Eyes, I have a mascara (I often forget to put mascara on before leaving the house Or will put it on one eye, one of the girls will talk to me and I will forget to apply to the other eye…real cute I tell you. So after having to stop at the drugstore a few times to get a tube to fix my oopsie I actually decided to start carrying one in my purse all the time). Right now I have Maybelline The Falsies in my make-up bag (which is a Lancome gift with purchase bag from 2 years ago btw for those of you curious).
Liner is one of my favorite black liners. Bourjois Effet Smoky Eyeliner & Brush. I find the brush handy to smoke out on the go. And it’s really black and creamy. Eyeshadows: I carry around a Lancome quad (Copper Rush, Filigree, Floralesque and Click). Can’t go wrong with neutrals (and I rarely have to touch up my eye shadow).
Face: my beloved Marcelle Face Powder in Prismatic Neutrals. Blush and highlighter in one. It’s sadly discontinued now (so sad, why do companies always discontinue the good products?). Along with my SIM Minerals Kabuki brush. That brush is incredibly soft and it comes in a case.
I also carry around a cream blush stick. MARK Just Pinched in Peachy. Just dab and blend in with your fingers. These blush sticks are amazing. I have a bunch of them and love them!
MARK cosmetics Good Riddance hook-up concealer pencil. Love it to hide blemishes. I always have to retouch my concealer on my spots throughout the day. Love this chubby pencil. And it’s cheap.
Last thing I always carry around is my beloved Arbonne Hand Cream. Can’t live without it. It’s all natural, contains fruit extracts, smells deliciously fruity (duh) and is very moisturizing. If you are looking for a great hand cream, I cannot rave about this one enough. Try it and you will see (you can see my full review on my blog btw if interested).
Phew…that’s it! So, hopeless right? ;P Only one thing that should have been in that bag and wasn’t, now that I think of it. My Maybelline Dream Matte Powder…oh where oh where did it go?”
Don’t forgot to follow Melanie on Twitter and check out A Little Purple Folie…