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L’Oreal Paris 2013

On Tuesday night I was lucky enough to be invited to the Trump Tower (which is ah-mazing) in Toronto for L’Oreal Paris’ Holiday Party + product launch, where I was able to chat with some other Toronto area beauty bloggers and get a sneak peek at the 80+(!) new products that L’Oreal will be launching early next year.  Eddie Malter and Eric del Monaco, L’Oreal’s official makeup and hair artists, were also in attendance to chat and give us some great beauty tips – the swag bag also included a 20% off card for del Monaco’s salon, so I know where I’m going to be going for my next haircut! We were able to indulge in some snacks and drinks (candy cane cocktails, anyone?) and I think we all got a little lost in chocolate heaven with the chocolate bar that was set up – seriously, it even had chocolate Louboutins.  Read on to learn about my favourite new products + see pics!

Chocolate Louboutin

The best part of the night definitely had to be a sneak peak at the new L’Oreal Paris 2013 products.  There was a little bit of everything – makeup, skincare and haircare.  I already got a taste of some of their new skincare innovations a couple of weeks ago, and I could’t wait to see what else they have in store for us.  A few standouts that I can’t wait to try out:

– Colour Riche Eyeshadow Quads ($11.99 – available January 2013) – available in 20 different combinations are absolutely beautiful, and you’ll be able to find one to suit any style.  The shadows are made up of micro-milled pigments so that the will go on silky and smooth.  I fell in love with the Hollywood Icon quad – it contains some gorgeous purple shades.

– Infallible The Super Slim 12H Liner ($10.99 – available January 2013) – I’m already a huge fan of the Infallible gel liner, and was really excited to see that L’Oreal has added a felt liner to the lineup.  This liner has a .4mm tip which is perfect for applying a thin, precise line – great for winged liner.  It really lasts too, without fading or smudging. Love!

– Elnett Satin Heat Sprays ($9.99 – available December 2012) – I’m an Elnett user, and I think it great that they’re adding a different kind of hairspray to the Elnett family. This hairspray comes in 3 formulas – for straight, volume and curl styles – and is non-aerosol.  Don’t worry, it still has the classic fine micro-diffusion spray we’ve come to love.  Not only that, but it acts as a heat-protection spray as well, protecting from heat up to 230 degrees!

– Colour Riche Caresse Shine Stain Lipcolour ($12.99 – available January 2013) – I’m loving these glosses – they are extremely lightweight and provide subtle, glossy shine which looks great.  They also stain the lips so the colour lasts longer. These will be available in 12 shades.

– Color Genius iPhone App – I know, this isn’t a product, but it’s so awesome that it really needed to be included in this list – L’Oreal has created an iPhone app that will change the way you coordinate your makeup with your outfit.  How does it work?  Snap a quick pic of your outfit and the app will pull colours from it that you can choose to match with.  You then choose your mood between day and night, and decide if you want to Match It, Blend It or Clash It.  The app then gives you the perfect L’Oreal nail polish, eyeshadow and lipstick shades to go perfectly with your outfit.  Amazing, right? You can download it here or by searching for Color Genius in the App Store.

Those are only a few of the new offerings L’Oreal will have for early 2013 – others include new Colour Riche Nail Colour shades, Colour Riche Serum Anti-Aging Lipcolour, Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara, Voluminous 24H Black Smoke Mascara (a variation of my current favourite mascara), True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer,  Visible Lift Colour Blush (creamy, but still powdery, and so pretty!), Age Perfect Instant Glow BB Cream, Ideal Skincare (includes cleansers, cleansing cloths and lotions), Power Moisture Haircare and Healthy Look Creme Colour Gloss Haircolour.

Keep reading for pictures of the new products and the event, and let me know which products you can’t wait for in the comments below!