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LOVE: Makeup Miser

Today I want to share with you a nifty little item that will definitely come in handy for all you beauty lovers – the Makeup Miser.  Coming in a pack of 3 (for $14.95), the Makeup Miser is a makeup spatula that makes it easier to get the most out of all of your beloved products.  With these spatulas, you can really maximize the amount of product used – think about the last time you bought an expensive cream and wanted to get every last bit out when it was almost empty.  Next time you’re faced with a situation like that, these will absolutely be your best friend.

I passed one of these along to my mama bear as well – she wears gel nails, and is always complaining about lotions getting stuck under her nails – and I thought that this could be a perfect solution for her problem.  She loved the fact that you could easily scoop out the product using the spatula for easily application!

Personally, I’ve been really happy using these.  They’ve definitely come in handy – one example can be seen below.  I love Unite’s curling cream, but it’s running pretty low and is at the point where I can’t get all of the product out.  The Makeup Miser has been great for getting all the leftover product out – and it turns out that there was a lot more in there than I expected!  These are a fantastic beauty tool for anyone who loves getting every last drop out of their products.