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LOVE: No Bleeding Lips Secret Lipliner

Today I need to share with you a product that I’ve fallen in love with recently – No Bleeding Lips Secret Lipliner.  It’s a little bit magic, a little bit makeup and every bit useful.  It goes on clear, creating an invisible barrier around the lips to prevent bleeding and feathering, and it really does the trick. Plus, since it’s wax-based, it’s waterproof.  And an added bonus?  When applied just around the outer edges of your lips, it helps to give off a fuller-lip effect.

I attended a wedding last month, and of course decided to rock some super red lipstick.  When you’re dancing, drinking and talking all night, this is definitely a necessity – it lasted all night, and my lipstick didn’t budge.  I’m not typically a lipliner wearer, so this was a different step for me, but it was well worth it.  And I have to say, the best thing about this is the fact that it is invisible – which means you can wear it with any lipstick or gloss.  For me, this is a big thing as I am constantly trying different lipsticks, whether they be blood red or bold fuschias, and it would be way too much for me to get a lipliner to compliment every lipstick that winds up in my purse. I love the magic barrier that this liner creates between my lips and skin – it’s like a life preserver for my smile.   I’m going to say this one is a no-brainer – if you want a pout that lasts and stays put, you’re probably going to want to add No Bleeding Lips to your beauty routine.