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Kiss and Tell: LipSmart Review

I have recently been trying out LipSmart, a gentle, ultra-hydrating lip treatment which is also meant to naturally plump lips.  It works in 3 steps:

1.  Active ingredients gently deliver moisture to the skin, which over time boost collagen and hydration.

 2. Like a final coat of varnish, lipids seal in the in moisture, helping to prevent it from evaporating.

3.  The combination creates volume, resulting in fuller, smoother, more luscious lips!”

Results are supposed to be instaneous, with lips feeling smoother and more hydrated as soon as it it applied.


LipSmart applied

So far, I’ve had a really good experience with LipSmart – specifically with it’s moisturizing properties.  This past weekend, I worked outside at Toronto’s Winter Market in the Distillery District – and let me tell you, it was cold.  Not only that, but I was constantly talking to people and I forgot my lip balm in the car, so as you might have guessed I was left with some pretty chapped lips by the end of the weekend.  Let me tell you, I HATE it when my lips are dried out and chapped. Lucky for me, Lip Smart came to my rescue.  I honestly did notice an immediate change – my lips instantly felt soft and moisturized.  Even when it had worn off I still noticed a really nice softness to my lips.  On the plumping side, I only noticed a slight change, but the glossy look that came with application really did help improve the appearance of my lips.

LipSmart is clear, slightly glossy, and has a slightly sweet scent (but no flavour), and I love it.  I really love how well it comes to the aid of dry lips – and at this time of the year, I would say it’s a necessity.

Left: Models before LipSmart – Right: Models 10 minutes after Lip Smart application