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Polished Off: Christmas Mani + DIY Nail Transfers

I decided to try something a little different today – diy nail transfers. I always have a problem when doing nail art – my dominant hand ends up looking like a mess since my left hand is really not that strong.  These easy to do DIY nail transfers solved that problem.  All you need is polish and a ziploc bag/parchment paper.

1.  Paint your nails with your base colour – allow to dry completely.

2.  Paint your design onto your ziploc bag/parchment paper.  Allow to dry completely.

3.  Using your hands or tweezers, peel off your designs so they will be ready to use (I did these one at a time, peeled one off and then applied to the corresponding nail.)

4. Paint a layer of top coat on the nail you wish to apply a design to.  I gave it a minute to dry just a little.  Then apply the design to the nail, careful not to smudge around it so you end up with fingerprints.

5.  Finish with another layer of top coat and allow to dry.

Polishes used in this design: All Julep – Kate, Claire, Leslie, Rachel, Diane and Oscar (interested in ordering from Julep?  You can save 20% off an order of $20 or more with the code VIP20)