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Lancome In Love Collection

The new Lancome in Love Collection for Spring 2013 is a little different than the other spring collections I’ve seen so far which have focused on light shades and pretty pastels – this collection is definitely focused on the brighter shades of spring, providing a nice punch of colour which has been missing from the winter.  The packaging is bright and exciting, and the shades included in the collection reflect that.  What will you find in this collection?  Baume in Love in 4 shades, Blush in Love in 2 shades, Vernis in Love in 4 shades, Khol in Love in 3 shades, Color Design Infinite 24H Eye Shadows in 4 shades and the Tresor in Love Eau de Parfum.  These products are limited edition (aside from Baume in Love in Urban Ballet and the Tresor in Love Fragrance) and will be available in February 2013!

I’ve been playing with a few of the products and, without sounding cheesy, I really am in love.  The new shades are absolutely beautiful and full of colour.  Take a look:

Lancome Blush in Love in Pommettes D’amour 20

Lancome Blush in Love in Pommettes D’Amour 20 ($52) – One of the most exciting parts of this collection for me was the blush – I’m really excited to see all of the gorgeous new blush shades and designs that have been coming out this spring, and this definitely met my expectations.  I love the floral/beauty themed compact with a pop of colour.  When swirled together, these two shades create a nice, light pink glow with a little bit of sheen, which creates a really nice, light rosy flush.

Lancome Color Design Infinite 24H Eye Shadow in Tremendous Turquoise

Lancome Color Design Infinite 24H Eye Shadow in Tremendous Turquoise ($28) – This collection sees the addition of 4 new Color Design Infinite shadows – Ever More Lilac, Boundless Blue, Tremendous Turquoise and Persistent Peach.  I’ve been playing with Tremendous Turquoise (see below for a swatch), and am really impressed.  This is the first Color Design shadow I’ve used, and I love how smoothly it applies.  The colour is very long lasting and doesn’t crease, so it’s great for all-day wear or for a night out.  This colour is a lovely turquoise with a nice shimmer to it, and is perfect for creating a smoky eye with a bit of colour.

Lancome Khol in Love in Jade Crush

Lancome Kohl in Love in Jade Crush ($24) – This eyeliner. I’m obsessed.  I can’t get enough.  If there is one new piece of makeup you buy this spring, it really needs to be this eyeliner.  Go out and get it as soon as this collection is available – you can thank me later.

In all seriousness though, this eyeliner is the best product I’ve come across out of all the spring lines I’ve tried out so far. It glides on unbelievably smoothly, and is so pigmented the colour just glows – it’s electric (I’ll show you a look later!).  I love swiping it under my lower lashes for a real pop, or adding it to a cat eye for extra oomph.  Take a look below for a swatch (which quite honestly doesn’t do it justice. Get thee to a Lancome counter next month and you’ll see what I mean).

Lancome Color Design Infinite 24H Eye Shadow in Tremendous Turquoise + Lancome Kohl in Love in Jade Crush Swatches