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mark. Jewel Shine Collection

I am really excited to share with you the new mark. Jewel Shine Collection, which arrived in my mailbox last week.  I think this is a really fun collection – really fresh and perfect for creating a glowing look at this time of year.  This collection will be available starting in February 2013.   Take a look at these awesome new products:

Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes All Over Face Palette in Warm Glow ($18) – This new version of their best selling palette features 9 new, warm shades for a nice glow (which is especially nice this time of year).  I really like how versatile this palette is – the different shades can be worn individually as eyeshadows, or they can be brushed together for a really nice bronzer effect.  Some of the shades may look quite dark, but combined I found that they blended really nicely and were easy to wear – even on my pale skin.  Fun fact:  Makeup artist Jamie Greenberg used this to give Kaley Cuoco a gorgeous glow during the People’s Choice Awards (find out more about her look here).

What a Gem Face Brush ($14) – I’m not going to lie to you guys… I actually squealed when I saw this brush – seriously, what girl doesn’t want a brush with a handle full of gems?  This brush has a full, soft head, and is a perfect partner for the Touch & Glow Shimmer Cubes.  It’s also my new favourite brush.

Glimmer Shine Lip Gloss ($12) – This lip gloss, in 3 limited edition shades, is already making the rounds – Kaley Cuoco rocked this gloss in Pink Glimmer (center) during the People’s Choice Awards!  These glosses are shiny, and not too heavy, adding sheer colour to lips.  I loved how they looked on.  The only (minor) downside for me was the smell, which reminded me of honey.  I’m all for scented lip gloss, but I prefer something with more of a berry/vanilla scent.

Jewel Shine Eau de Parfum ($28) and Body Lotion ($14) – This eau de parfum has a really lovely, playful scent, keeping in line with the rest of the collection.  Hints of bergamot, golden gardenia, and marshmallow shine through, giving it a fun, sweet, and feminine scent, which I am really enjoying so far.  The scent carries through to this lightweight body lotion, and together they create a scent which has a lot of staying power.

What do you think of the new Jewel Shine collection?  Anything you want to get your hands on?