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Play Truth or Dare with Schick Quattro for Women

High-Res Quattro Logo with Shield

We’ve all definitely got those memories of playing Truth or Dare when we were little.  I remember having to do ridiculous, spill the name of the boy I was crushing on, and tons of laughter at sleepovers.  Schick Quattro for Women has decided it’s time to bring back the game with a contest running this month until May 29th.  They’re going to be giving away great prizes (including Schick Quattro for Women products and Visa gift cards) to lucky winners who take part.

Want to join in on the fun? Follow Schick Truth or Dare on Twitter and take part in their daily Truths and weekly Dares (make sure you use the hashtag #Q4Wtruthordare)!  You still have time to enter this week’s dare (it ends tomorrow – May 10 at 3 pm est!):

Fullscreen capture 592013 51114 PM.bmp


If you miss out on this one, you can always check it out next week for another Dare!

Are you going to enter?

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