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Vichy Nutriextra Extraordinary OIl

What if a dry oil could carry the power of deep hydration?

Vichy Nutriextra Extraordinary OIl

This is what Vichy planned to accomplish with their new Neutriextra Extraordinary Oil.  While most dry oils are formulated with silicones (which evaporate very quickly thereby reducing effectiveness), Vichy’s dry oil has been designed without silicones, instead using plant oils (9 of them – muscat rose hip oil, jojoba oil, almond and apricot oil, macadmia oil, passion fruit kernel, blackcurrant seed oil, rice bran oil, sunflower oil and coriander oil) which are able to penetrate into the skin more deeply.  They still leave a dry, soft feel to the skin without leaving behind an oily finish, but don’t evaporate like silicone-based dry oils do.Together, these oils are extremely nourishing and even contain anti-oxidants.

Vichy Nutriextra Extraordinary Oil

I love applying this oil to my arms and legs (and my face when I want a little extra moisture).  Once I rub it in, it leaves my skin feeling really soft and smooth, and I was really surprised at how quickly it rubs in and that it does not leave any oily residue behind.  It also has a delicious smell – light and sweet and so lovely.  My skin feels so moisturized after using it, way more than it feels with any moisturizer, and it’s perfect for applying right out of the shower.  It also leaves the skin with a nice light sheen – I love how healthy it looks!  Bonus: it can be applied to damp or dry hair just as you would use a hair oil for a little moisture boost.

Price: $29.50

Availability: May 2013 exclusively in drugstores