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Introducing: Boxx Cosmetics

Boxx Cosmetics

I was recently introduced to a cosmetic company called Boxx Cosmetics, and wanted to share a little about them.  The company was founded by Sandra Milligan and has a really neat model – products, ranging from correctors to bronzers to shadows and everything in between, come individually so that you can build your own custom palette.  I really like how this gives you the freedom to choose the shades and products that you really want/need in your personal or professional kit.  She’s also created the “Boxx” for storing all of your makeup.  It’s made up of 2 panels with a magnetic base (you’re makeup isn’t going anywhere!) with clear plastic flaps to make sue your powders don’t mix and a great mirror.  It comes in a carrying case with space for your brushes as well – perfect for a girl on the go!

Boxx Cosmetics

I’ve been playing with “Melina” which is a yellow toned cream concealer and one of Boxx’s best selling products.  It’s great for covering up pesky under eye circles and light redness as well as for adding some highlighting to areas .  I really like how well it covered up the dark spots under my eyes, which instantly brightened the entire area.  One thing to note – this is a very light product, so most people will want to add some concealer or foundation in a shade closer to your skin tone to help blend this in for a perfect finish.  If you find it to be a little too thick to work with on certain areas, you can easily add in some water or cream to help loosen it up and to make it more blendable.

Boxx Cosmetics Melina

Melina currently retails for $24 and is available on the Boxx Cosmetics website if you’re interested in giving it a try… But one of you isn’t going to have to worry about purchasing it because Sandra wants to send one of you home with your own to play with.  Check back soon for the giveaway, and make sure you click the giveaways tab above to enter all of the others I currently have going on!

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