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4th of July Nails

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Since I showed my patriotic side with a Canada Day mani for last week’s Fashion Magazine Beauty Panel, I decided it would only be fair to share some mani inspiration for my gorge neighbours to the south with some 4th of July Nails.  Of course, I played around with some red, white and blue polish and threw in some stars and stripes for good measure.  Read on for instructions and products used!

4th of July Nails


1.  Paint 2 coats of a white polish onto all 5 nails.  Wait until completely dry before taking the next step or the polish will peel up.

2. Using stickers or striping tape, apply in rows on the index finger, press down so the edges don’t come up, then paint over with a red polish to create stripes.  Peel off the stickers soon after you have painted as it will come off easier and look better.

3.  Once the stripes have completely dried, apply a star stencil over them and press down to ensure edges are flush with the nail.  Paint over this with a blue polish.

4.  Apply top coat to lock in the design.

Products Used: Avon Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel in Prompt and Pearly, Bourjois Easy Nail Art Kit, L’Oreal Paris Nail Color in He Red My Mind, Essie Nail Enamel in Aruba Blue

Are you going to be painting your nails for the 4th of July?