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Dior Backstage Pros Workshop + Giveaway!

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This past week I was lucky enough to take part in a preview of the Dior Backstage Pros Workshop, which will be taking place exclusively at the Bay from September 4-15th.  This event is perfect for any makeup lover or those of you who want to get more into using different products.  Basically, you get to head into the nearest participating Bay store to take part in a Dior workshop in which their Backstage Pros will teach you everything you need to know about Dior products, how to use them, and all of their expert tips and tricks.  You’ll learn how to perfectly use all of the tools and products and all of the techniques these pros use daily to create an amazing look.  A little bonus?  They’ll also be doing hair and nail touch-ups.  I think this is the perfect excuse for a fun girl’s day and a nice little treat – and even better if you’re planning on going out that night!

There is a $25 deposit required to reserve your spot, but you will be able to redeem this for some of the great Dior products you’ve learned about during the workshop.  If you’re already planning on purchasing some Dior in the next little while, I really suggest taking advantage of this!

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As a special bonus, this workshop will feature guest DiorShow artists who will host Master Classes as part of it at the following Bay locations from September 4th-8th: The Bay Queen Street (Toronto), The Bay Yorkdale, The Bay Scarborough Town Centre, The Bay Mississauga, The Bay Fairview and The Bay Limeridge.

Dior will also be giving out some great gifts as part of this promotion.  When you register, you will receive a special package that includes a 1-year subscription to Fashion Magazine.  Other gifts include a beautiful black Dior clutch when you redeem your $25 at the workshop, and a lovely engraved Dior bookmark when you return within a month to purchase the items on your wishlist.

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I do have a little giveaway here with some of my favourite Dior products to share with you (DiorShow Art Pen, Diorblush Cheek Creme in Pareo & DiorShow Mono Eye Shadow in Grege) – unfortunately this giveaway will be mainly for those based in the GTA due to the location of the workshops.  Those of you who book your Master Class workshop at one of the participating Bay locations (The Bay Queen Street (Toronto), The Bay Yorkdale, The Bay Scarborough Town Centre, The Bay Mississauga, The Bay Fairview and The Bay Limeridge) between September 4th-8th will be entered to win.  Call in to the Dior counter at one of these locations to book your Dior Backstage Pros Workshop, then send me an e-mail at linerglittergloss@gmail.com with your name, the location where you booked your workshop, and the number of guests attending if more than one to be entered!

Either way, I personally think it’s a win-win situation.  You get some great new Dior products, gifts, and leave armed with the tips and lessons you need to apply your makeup perfectly.  I really hope that some of you are able to take advantage of this exciting workshop!