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Caryl Baker Visage Notorious Beauty Collection (Pics + Swatches)

Caryl Baker Visage Notorious Beauty Fall 2013

This fall, Caryl Baker Visage decided to go smoky and sexy with the Notorious Beauty collection.  With an old Hollywood feel, this collection features plums, browns and earthy tones which are perfect for creating smoldering looks.  With a great selection of eyes shadows, lip glosses, lipsticks, blushes and lip pencils, it’s easy to customize a great fall look to take you into the cooler weather.  I really like how they give you the option to create your own look for $69.50 (which ends up being a savings of $57.50) – you get your choice of 3 eyeshadow, a lip gloss, a lipstick, a blush and one of the limited edition lip pencils.  Plus you can stop by the store for a “beauty screening” which takes the form of a 30 minute workshop where you can learn about the latest colours and get tips for applying them.  I’ve received a few products from the Caryl Baker Visage Notorious Beauty Collection and have swatched them for you below.

Caryl Baker Visage Notorious Beauty

Caryl Baker Visage Lipliner in Desire (Reg $15.00, Beauty Club $13.50) and Caryl Baker Lip Gloss in Corruption (Reg $17.50, Beauty Club $15.75) – This lipliner is really great – it provides excellent colour and is perfect for layering.  I actually think it’s the perfect accompaniment for this gloss, as together they have the most gorgeous shimmery red look (which might come in handy for Halloween if I go with the costume I’ve been thinking of…).  The gloss has a sheer colour and lots of shine.

Caryl Baker Visage Notorious Beauty Blush

Caryl Baker Visage Blush in Dial M for “Makeup” (Reg $22.50, Beauty Club $20.25) – This blush has a nice rose-tan colour to it that is great for warming up your face – it’s perfect for contouring!

Caryl Baker Visage Notorious Beauty Eye shadow

Caryl Baker Visage Eye Shadow in Silhouette, Sabotage and Smouldering (Reg $18.00, Beauty Club $16.20) – This collection contains 9 different eye shadow shades that you can choose from to create your own 3 shade palette, and they even gave suggestions for different combinations that work really well together.  I have the “browns” shades (as seen above).  Silhouette doesn’t really pack enough pigmentation for me and barely showed up on my skin (although it might work a little better for someone with a darker skin tone than mine).  Sabotage and Smouldering are really nice brown shade that will work well together to create a smoky look.  I found that Sabotage applied really nicely and smoothly while Smouldering felt a little bit more “chalky” but looked really nice once applied.

Caryl Baker Visage Notorious Beauty Fall 2013

What do you think about this collection?