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Halloween Beauty: Nail the Great Gatsby look with tips from Derrick Rutledge

Eep – Halloween is only 2 weeks away, which means if you don’t have a costume yet it is definitely time to get started!  Need an idea?  I’ll try to give you some tips and tutorials for some Halloween beauty looks in the next two weeks to help you out.  I figured we could start with some Great Gatsby beauty today!  If you’ve seen the movie (doesn’t Leo still look dashing??) you probably fell in love with the ’60s style, hair and beauty.  I’ve got some tips from Derrick Rutledge, Oprah’s makeup artist, for nailing this look.


Hair – finger waves are a must-have!

1.  Work styling mousse throughout wet hair.  Create a deep side part with a fine-tooth comb.

2.  Next to the part, separate a strand of hair about 2 inches wide.  Pull it toward the face and begin shaping the waves.

3.  Push the hair up towards the part and downwards toward the face to shape the wave in a zig-sag pattern.  Continue creating waves all over the head, securing with clips as you move along.

4.  Repeat this process all the way around the head and allow to air dry or sit under a hairdryer.  Finish with hairspray to hold.

Red lips look perfect for this:

1. Begin by coating lips in a light layer of powder foundation.

2.  Take a lip liner that matches the lipstick colour and line the lips, making sure to accentuate the cupid’s bow.  Then fill in the entire lip with the same liner.

3.  Use a lipstick brush to fill in the lip colour over the liner and blot to ensure the colour is matte.

And a smokey eye completes the look:

1.  Being with a clean canvas – apply a cream-based concealer all over the eyelid and allow to set.

2.  Trace both lashlines with a dark pencil, drawing as close to the lashes as possible and extending the line slightly past the eyelid in an upward sweep.  Using a small angled applicator, smudge the line slightly.

3.  Brush a powder shadow in a similar shade over the eyelid and blend it out towards the crease.

4.  Use a highlighting shadow to lightly dust the brow bone.

5. Lastly, curl lashes and apply several coats of black mascara.  Big lashes are key!


Now all you need are some jewels and a flapper dress and you’ve got a Halloween costume.  Will you be dressing up like you just stepped out of the Great Gatsby this Halloween?