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Lancome Holiday 2013 Collection

Lancome Christmas 2013 Collection, Lancome Rose Etincelle, Lancome Vernis in Love, Lancome Hypnose Velours

Another day, another holiday collection.  This time I’m going to be sharing the Lancome Holiday 2013 Collection which is just as magical as you would expect from Lancome.  Picture a collection inspired by sparkling, snowy landscapes and shimmery frost and you’ve got the collection in a nutshell.  This dazzling collection is absolutely perfect for the holiday season.  Take a look at a few of the products that I’ve gotten below and let me know what you think! Side note: if you are in need of a new mascara, grab Hypnose Star Etincelle – this limited edition version of one of my favourite mascaras comes in a sparkly, white tube that I would leave out on my counter so people could ooh and aah over it…

Lancome Hypnose Velours, Lancome eyeliner, Lancome press on eyeliner, fake eyeliner, press on eyeliner
Lancome Hypnose Velours

Lancome Hypnose Velours ($28, Limited Edition) – Of course, I had to start with the most exciting part of this collection – the Hypnose Velours eyeliner patches.  Oh yes, Lancome has just made eyeliner easy.  So for those of you who find creating the perfect cat eye a challenge, or just want to throw some more ease into your makeup for the holiday season, your prayers have been answered.

Lancome Velours Hypnose, fake eyeliner, press on eyeliner, Lancome eyeliner
Lancome Velours Hypnose

This set contains 3 different eyeliner duos (upper and lower liner included) which can be worn up to three times.  The material is velvety to the touch and won’t pull at your skin.  I haven’t had a chance to give these a try yet, but I can guarantee I will update once I’ve tried them to let you know what my experience is like.  If they work as they say, I’m prepared to be very impressed – and very excited about perfect eyeliner application.

Lancome Vernis in Love Frozen Manicure in Etincelle de Neige, Lancome Etincelle de Neige, Lancome Vernis in Love, Lancome Christmas 2013
Lancome Vernis in Love Frozen Manicure in Etincelle de Neige

Lancome Vernis in Love Frozen Manicure in Etincelle de Neige ($16, Limited Edition) – This.  This nail polish is the polish you need to get this winter.  Frosty and shimmery, it has a bit of texture (think of a toned down version of Liquid Sand) and is SO gorgeous.  It’s so pretty, it’s almost like a family or pretty little snowflakes decided to take up residence on your nails. The polish is also available in the limited edition shade Etincelle d’Argent (a shimmery, silvery-blue polish) and Lovered (bold orangey-red).


Lancome Highlighter Rose Etincelle ($52) – Come to me, my pretty.  Now is the perfect time to give a soft, frosty glow (without looking like an ice queen, of course) and this beautiful little darling is exactly what you need.  The pink tone prevents this highlighter from looking too icy on your skin.  Once the sparkly overspray is gone, you are still left with beautiful shimmer which will make you look like you’ve got cheekbones for days.  Watch out Keira Knightley, you’re going to have some serious competition.

Lancome Highlighter Rose Etincelle Swatch, Lancome highlighter, highlighter, beauty, Lancome Rose Etincelle, Rose Etincelle swatch
Lancome Highlighter Rose Etincelle Swatch


What do you think of this collection?