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Last Day To Vote – Vote For Me for Best Canadian Beauty Blogger

Hi hi hi!  First, let me apologize for the severe lack of posts over the past week and a bit – I’ve been without internet and have finally gotten it back as of last night (yay!) so rest assured you will be inundated with new posts (I’ve got some great stuff to share with all of you) over the next little while to make up for it.

But before that, I’m going to remind you once again about a little something.  Today is the last day to vote in the MiB Canada awards.  I’ve been working hard on this blog for the last 2 years – this month marks the 2 year anniversary! – and I really hope that you’ve been able to enjoy my posts.  If you do, it would mean the world to me if you could give me a vote for Best Canadian Beauty Blogger in these awards.  The top 10 finalists in each category are being chosen by public vote (ending at midnight tonight), so you have the ability to choose the top bloggers in Canada. I really appreciate the support you all give me every single day, and even if I don’t make the top ten this year I promise to keep making Liner and Glitter and Gloss, Oh My! better and better!

Thank you!