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New Year, New Look!

I’ve been working hard on something for the past couple of weeks and I’m finally ready to unveil it – welcome to Liner and Glitter and Gloss, Oh My 3.0!  I thought that New Year’s Even was the perfect time to bring out a new blog design.  Out with the old, in with the new for 2014. I think this new design is going to make everything much more accessible and easier to navigate which means a better reading experience for you.  Take a look around and feel free to let me know what you like (or not) in the comments below – like I’ve said before, everything I do on here is for you guys, so I want to make sure you enjoy your time spent with me.  I also want to ask you what you would like to see more of on here in 2014 – if there’s something you want me to write more about, anything you want to learn how to do – you name it, I’ll do it.

I also now want to take a chance to thank you all for making 2013 a fantastic year for me.  Big things have happened and even bigger things are coming this year.  Thank you to all of my readers for coming to my site and taking something from it – your comments always put a smile on my face and I love having a chance to share my experiences with you!  Thank you to all of my fellow bloggers for your support and friendship – I’ve met some amazing people along the way who have made all of this so much more fun.  And a big thank you to the brands and PR agencies that I work with – you make this all so much easier and keep me ahead of the curve – I couldn’t do it without you!

Happy New Year to all of you – I hope that 2014 brings you happiness, health, and of course beauty!  I can’t wait to see what this new year will bring and to share it with all of you. I wouldn’t be here doing this without all of you, so once again a big, deeply heartfelt THANK YOU for being a part of my world!

Dee xoxo