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OPI Coca-Cola Collection (Photos + Swatches)

opi coca-cola, opi coke collection, opi coca-cola display

When I think of Coca-Cola, I immediately relate the brand to happiness.  It’s iconic, cheerful, and their ads have always put a smile on my face.  Based on this, it’s really no surprise that they have teamed up with OPI to create a set of nine limited edition lacquers.  The OPI Coca-Cola Collection has tapped into the look and feel behind some of their favourite flavours to create bright and fun polishes, inspired by everything from traditional Coca-Cola to the deeper Cherry Coke to the playful Fanta Orange.

opi coca-cola, opi coke collection, opi coca-cola display

“I have always believed that wearing nail lacquer can change your look – and your outlook,” remarks Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Executive VP. “Both OPI and Coca-Cola truly deliver happiness in a bottle to consumers looking for an iconic product of the highest quality. The nine shades in this collection represent not only bestselling Coca-Cola Company products, but also the styles of the women who enjoy them – from classic and glamorous to hip and trendy!”

I’ve swatched three of the shades for you below and have pictures of the rest for you to check out.  Which shades are your favourite?  Do you think these embody the spirit of Coca-Cola?

OPI Coca-Cola, OPI Coca-Cola Swatch, OPI Coca-Cola Red, OPI Coca-Cola Red Swatch, OPI Summer 2014
OPI Coca-Cola Red

Coca-Cola Red (inspired by Coca-Cola)Classic red – always in style, always perfect. I’m not going to lie, this red came out a little more orange-toned than I had expected for the classic red.  It is, however, a stunning and super bright shade… Which I can guarantee I’ll be rocking as my pedi shade of choice all summer.

OPI Coca-Cola Collection, OPI Coca-Cola Collection Swatches, OPI Coca-Cola Swatches, OPI summer 2014, opi summer 2014 swatches, opi get cherried away, opi get cherried away swatch, opi cherry coke, opi cherry coke swatch
OPI Get Cherried Away

Get Cherried Away (inspired by Cherry Coke)Seriously, this black cherry is over-the-top gorgeous!  I don’t think that I ever realized just how sexy Cherry Coke could be, but this seriously knocks the vamp factor out of the park.  My roommate remarked that this is a perfect shade to wear all year long and I very much agree.  It’s the perfect balance between light and dark, with this plummy feel adding a dash of femininity mixed with mystery.

OPI today i accomplished zero, opi coca-cola collection, opi coca-cola, opi coca-cola swatches, opi today i accomplished zero swatch, opi coke zero swatch, opi coke zero, opi coca-cola collection swatch
OPI Today I Accomplished Zero

Today I Accomplished Zero (inspired by Coke Zero)Dramatic black with effervescent red sparkle is a total must-do.  Total must-do? 100% agreed.  This polish is perfect for when you feel like getting in touch with your inner bad girl self.  Shimmery red flecks add a ton of dimension to this intense black polish.  It starts off sheer, so a couple of coats are needed to help build up the intensity (I have 2 coats applied here).

OPI you're so vain-illa, opi sorry i'm fizzy today, opi my signature is dc, opi coca-cola, opi vanilla coke, opi diet coke, opi coca-cola collection, opi coca cola swatches
L-R: OPI You’re So Vain-illa, OPI Sorry I’m Fizzy Today, OPI My Signature is “DC”

You’re So Vain-illa (inspired by Vanilla Coke)I bet you think this creamy nude is all about you.

Sorry I’m Fizzy Today (inspired by Vanilla Coke)Do Not Disturb…I’m enjoying this creamy, smooth pink.

My Signature is “DC” (inspired by Diet Coke)My initial impression? This shimmery silver is just “write!”

opi coca cola, opi coca cola swatch, opi coca cola collection, opi a grape affair, opi green on the runway, opi orange you fantastic, opi coke, coca cola nail polish
L-R: OPI A Grape Affair, OPI Green On The Runway, OPI Orange You Fantastic!

A Grape Affair (inspired by Fanta Grape)Make a big to-do in this deepest, darkest purple.

Green on the Runway (inspired by Sprite)This uncut-lime green makes a real fashion statement.

Orange You Fantastic! (inspired by Fanta Orange)Glitter to the max in this juicy orange explosion!


Availability: June 2014 at professional salons and spas

Price: $10.95 CAD