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How to Dye Hair Extensions with Irresistible Me

How to dye hair extensions

I’ve wanted hair extensions for years. After going for a lob two summers ago, it’s taken forever to get my hair to grown out & stay healthy. My issue has been with finding extensions that I can wear with my hair colour. As my hair is dyed a pretty specific shade that doesn’t come naturally, it hasn’t exactly been easy to find a set that I can blend in to look natural.

I recently stumbled upon Irresistible Me and was so excited to give their extensions a try. They promised healthy human hair, in a wide range of shades including reds. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my colour, I wasn’t able to find them in my shade, but I decided to go with another red to see what I could do with it. I received my extensions and was so excited to try them out – they were long and gorgeous, super soft and easy to use. The service was also really fast – I was super impressed.

how to dye hair extensions

So, what was I to do? Dye them, of course. Since I tried out Garnier Nutrisse last month, it was easy to find a shade that would work for this – I just went with what I’ve been using on my hair. Of course, it would go a little different since the base wasn’t the same shade, but I figured it would work. Ready to learn how to dye your extensions?

  1. Pick your extensions. I suggest going with real human hair extensions that haven’t been processed too much, as they’ll be easiest to work with and dye.
  2. Find dye that will match your hair colour. If you dye your hair at home, try the shade that you currently use, or visit a beauty supply store – they’ll be able to help you find an appropriate shade. Grab a dye brush as well(these are inexpensive and will make your life so much easier). Make sure you get enough dye for all of your extensions!
  3. Separate your extensions into workable sections.
  4. Lay them out on pieces of tinfoil. Cut them so they’re long enough for your extensions to fit in.
  5. Apply enough dye to saturate the extensions. Use the dye brush to fully cover the extensions. Work section by section to make this easy. When each section is saturated, you can fold the excess tinfoil over it so you don’t have to worry about making a mess.
  6. Time it out. Follow the instructions for the dye that you’re using, and when time is up, it’s time to rinse! Using warm water, rinse the dye out of the extensions – this may take time! You can condition these as well to keep the softness.
  7. Allow the extensions to dry overnight, and once dry, go ahead and style them.
  8. Time to rock your extensions! Go ahead and put them in, blend in with your hair, and admire your long locks.

how to dye hair extensions

As you can see above, my Irresistible Me hair extensions look great! Have you ever worn hair extensions?