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Viva Antigua! | Essie Summer 2016 Collection Swatches

Essie Summer 2016 Collectiion

I’m a very excited gal for a few reasons today:

  1. Spring has (knock on wood) finally arrived in Toronto! We’re supposed to hit 20 degrees this weekend. Can I get a “hell yeah”?
  2. I’m running away to Costa Rica for 2 weeks on Tuesday. Come onnnnnn Tuesday!
  3. The Essie Summer 2016 collection has landed on my desk, and they absolutely nailed it with this one.

Inspired by the lush and beautiful Antigua, Essie’s Global Color Director Rebecca Minkoff captured the bright, vivid hues of the island and bottled them for our enjoyment.

“What makes Antigua is so special is the people; they’re so warm and kind, you begin to feel like a local. Going to the market to buy some fresh fruit becomes an epic discovery of culture, history and of course, gorgeous handmade fabrics and tribal text-styles. Their vivid, saturated colors reflecting the local flora can be seen everywhere” – Rebecca Minkoff, Essie Global Color Director

Available May 17, 2016, these 6 shades complement each other beautifully and are going to make for some beautiful summer nail art & manis – I can’t wait to try recreating some of the looks that Rita Remark created using these!

Essie Coconut Cove

Essie Coconut Cove – This “sweet cream white” is exactly that – a beautiful white shade with a finish that keeps it from being too stark. Although a bit streaky at first application (it is white, after all), after two coats it evened out for a smooth finish. This one will be so nice to use as a base for a little nail art using the other shades!

Essie Berried Treasures

Essie Berried Treasures – This “bright ruby berry” is just so tropical, it screams “take me to the beach.” This super pigmented polish has an almost jelly finish with tons of shine, and applies really nicely. Definitely a favourite of mine from this collection.

Essie Hiking Heels Swatch

Essie Hiking Heels – This shade will get your temperature up! The “scorching hot lava red” is definitely the summertime equivalent of the deep reds that I covet during the colder seasons, warming it up a notch and making it, dare I say, spicy. Again, gorgeous shine and an almost jelly like look finish this one off.

Essie Viva Antigua! Swatch

Essie Viva Antigua! – I actually squealed when I pulled this one out of its packaging – it reminds me of a mermaid, and yes, I wish I was a mermaid. The namesake polish of the collection, this “iridescent crystalline turquoise” is so pretty. Hints of shimmer scattered throughout the beautiful turquoise give it a fun finish. You will need 2-3 coats for full coverage, as it is a little on the more sheer side, but the finish is worth it.

Essie Loot the Booty Swatch

Essie Loot the Booty – Hold. The. Phone. This one is gorgeous, and hands down my favourite of the collection. Reminiscent of Starry Starry Night, this “pavé sapphire blue” is a stunning cobalt shade has gorgeous shimmer that transforms from turquoise to purple in the light. It’s also deeply pigmented and has shine for days. I’m in love.

Essie Tribal Text-Styles Swatch

Essie Tribal Text-Styles – Last but not least, and definitely a little out of the ordinary for a summer collection, we have this “black gold and crushed onyx” shade. The amount of shimmer (though not necessarily gold) packed into this polish keeps it from being too moody for a summer shade, adding a bit of lightness that makes it pop and stand out from typical black shades. It’s not as shiny as the others, but a good top coat really makes this one stand out.

Will you be picking anything up from the Essie Summer 2016 collection?



Disclaimer: This post may contain samples sent for editorial consideration, but as always opinions are 100% my own! xo