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Your Best Summer Skin Ever | Small Changes for Better Skin

Ahhh, summer. My favourite time of the year. While I’m a bit fan of the beautiful, sunny days, I’m also aware of the challenges that your skin faces as a result of them. Get ready to switch your skincare routine up with these products that are going to give you your best summer skin ever. Who’s with me?

drunk elephant beste no. 9 jelly cleanser for your best summer skin ever

Feeling a little shiny? Swap your regular cleanser out for a lighter gel version, like the Drunk Elephant Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser. It will keep your skin nice and clean while helping to keep oil at a minimum. These cleansers are also a great way to cool down and refresh your skin at the end of the day. Follow up with a swipe of toner, like StriVectin Advanced Glow Tri-Phase Daily Glow Toner, to remove any extra impurities and brighten your skin.

Shiseido Esential Energy Day Cream SPF 20 for your best summer skin ever

Make sure you’re taking care of your skin – keep it healthy by ensuring you’re wearing some form of sun protection every single day. I’m not kidding. Every single day of the year. Keeping your skin protected means less damage and less work to get it into good shape. Summer is especially important when it comes to this as you’re most likely going to have more sun exposure on a daily basis. Start your day off with a moisturizer with SPF in it so you don’t even have to give it a second thought (I love Shiseido Essential Energy Day Cream with SPF 20) and add in a sunscreen with a little higher level of protection (a couple of great options are Ren Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30 or La Roche-Posay Anthelios Mineral Tinted Ultra-Fluid Lotion SPF 50) when you know you’re going to be spending time out in the sun.

Keep it clean! Summer leads to a host of factors that can mess up your skin – exposure to different things in the air, lots of sweat & other factors can lead to untimely zits & breakouts that no one wants to deal with. Keep wipes on hand for when you don’t have time to cleanse but want to give your skin a refresher. The Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Face Wipes give your skin a nice clean & help to soothe and tone at the same time.

smashbox photo finish oil & shine primer for best summer skin ever

Get ahead of the game before applying your makeup by giving your skin a smooth, shine-free start. Applying a mattifying primer, like the Smashbox Photo Finish Oil & Shine Control Primer, before your makeup to help keep shine to a minimum throughout the day & help it last longer.

Make a few easy switches to your skincare routine and get ready to reap the benefits. Your best summer skin is almost here – what other products and tricks do you rely on to give your skin a boost during the warmer months?