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12 Days of Gifting | Day 6: Cougar Shoes

When it comes to winter style, I love a good boot. I’ve been wearing Cougar Shoes boots for the past couple of years because I love their styles and they’re practically made for Canadian winters. My mom actually used to wear Cougar Pillow Boots (which are back now!) when she was a teenager, so I guess she’s just passed the love of Cougar down to me.

Seriously though, these are the kind of boots you need when it gets chilly. Between the cute styles, waterproofing and the fact that they will keep your feet warm in temperatures down to -24°C/-11°F-24°C/-11°F, they’ll take care of you during winters for years to come. I have a few pairs now and they’re just about all I wear this time of year – this year I’m all about the Penelope boot, as seen here.

Looking for a new pair of boots now that the winter weather has officially hit? Check out some of my favourite styles for this year and read on for a giveaway!

I love the Vanetta Suede Boot ($200) for enjoying holiday festivities. They’re comfortable for wearing for the whole day and make a cute addition to any festive outfit.

If you’re looking for a boot that will be perfect for playing in the snow, the Tacoma Shearling boot ($275) is just what you need – no snow will be getting in and they’ll keep your toes nice and toasty.

How fun is the Vivian Suede boot ($225)? With a style that feels more like a cool, winterized pair of sneakers than a boot, these are definitely perfect for the street style star. And I’m loving this Indigo shade!

After all this talking about Cougar Shoes and their amazing winter boots, I think it’s time that I give one of you a little help picking up a pair. My friends at Cougar have given me a $100 gift certificate to help one of you pick up a new pair!

For your chance to win, you can enter via the comments below and/or Instagram. This giveaway will run until 9:00 am est on December 7, 2019.

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Good luck and make sure you check back tomorrow for another great giveaway!