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I’ve been on a wild journey so far since I started my beauty blog in November 2011, and it has led to some great things.  I’ve had a chance to write for and contribute to other websites, blogs and magazines, and have even been feautured in a couple.  Read on to take a look at some of these!

Glow Magazine


In the magazine:

Glow Magazine Summer Beauty Decoder


Glow Magazine: Beauty Decoder “How Can I Prevent My Strands From BEcoming Sun Scorched?” – Summer 2013 Issue

Glow Magazine Beauty Decoder May 2013

Glow Magazine: Beauty Decoder “My Eyebrows Are Too Skinny, Help!” – -May 2013 Issue

On Glow.ca:

Coachella Inspired Beauty Looks

Eat Smart: Five Ingredients For Healthy Skin and Hair

Spring Buys: Accessories and Makeup to Get Excited About

Rainy Day Lip Colour Inspiration: Rachel McAdams

Eyebrow Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Game of Thrones Inspired Beauty

Pinterest-Inspired Beauty How-Tos

Celebrity Hair Colour Transformations

Hair Repair Shampoo Guide

Nail Colours to Try Right Now




Featured on:

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Fashion & Beauty Inc.

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QC Career School Blog

A Drop of Pink 2013 Beautilicious Blog Awards