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LIVING IT UP: Rimmel + Bachelor Canada

Bachelor Brad Smith
Bachelor Brad Smith

Last Thursday I was invited to the Windsor Arms Tea Room (SO cute!!) for a “debriefing” after the first episode aired last week.  We were joined by Brad Smith, the Bachelor himself, where he was grilled on what went down on his season.  I wasn’t too sure what to expect from Brad – I’d only seen him on the first episode of the show – and was really happy to find out that he was really nice and extremely down to earth.  He didn’t shy away from any of the questions he was asked, although he did manage to not give too much away about the upcoming season.

Brad + Me
Brad + Me

Our expert beauty panel dished on the looks they did and didn’t love (Oh Bubba, with that polka dot dress, you really could have played up a cute retro look), who they liked, and who seemed a little cray cray already (cough cough – Whitney).

Expert Fashion & Beauty Panel
Expert Fashion & Beauty Panel

We were surrounded by Rimmel products (Heaven, am I right?) which is fitting, as Rimmel is the official cosmetic sponsor of the Bachelor Canada.  Have you watched the first 2 episodes? Who’s look are you loving?  Any standouts?  Who should go home?