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LOVE: Evolution Man Review

For this post, I had to do something a little different – let my boyfriend take over the blog.  You see, I think it’s about time I had a post up about grooming products for the men in our lives – why should we get to have all the fun?  I had Alex (my boyfriend) test drive products from Evolution Man – a skincare line designed to be polished and sophisticated while being ethical and green.  He tried out their Perfect Shave Kit, which includes 3 products – Wash & Buff, Cleanse & Shave and Moisture Protect.  Read on to see what he thought.

“The Wash & Buff was nice and fresh.  It was perfect to use in the morning – it gave a cool, refreshing feeling and was a great wake up.  The exfoliant also broke down so you weren’t washing little beads off like others.  The Cleanse & Shave was good because it didn’t feel like a synthetic foam – it was a little less lather-y than I was expecting but allowed my razor to glide nicely on my skin.  The best part was that I did’t have any shaving rash of razor burn after using these products in my shaving routine.  The Moisture Protect was nice and straightforward.  It was nice that it had SPF mixed in because it isn’t something that I normally worry about before going out during the day. I like the look of these products – they are something that I don’t mind displaying on my bathroom shelf.  Overall I really enjoyed these products.  They had a similar smell which was nice – a natural light minty scent which wasn’t overpowering at all.  I would definitely use these products again – it’s nice to have something for us guys – nice and simple and not too complicated – and manly.”

My brothers tried out the products as well and pretty much echoed his feelings on the products.  They’re favourite part?  That they are designed to fit into a man’s skincare routine.  I know they like to look their best (I’ve caught them stealing my products from time to time), so I think it’s great that they have something a little “manlier” to choose from.

If you want to order products or learn more about Evolution Man – you can check out their website here.

I’m thinking these products would make a great gift (or stocking stuffer) for the men in your lives – stay tuned in the next few weeks for a surprise involving these great products!