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LOVE: Maskeraide Facial Sheet Masks

I’m a longtime lover of facial masks, and when I started hearing about the new Canadian line Maskeraide – which proudly creates “serious skin care for fabulous lifestyles” – I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their masks.  I’m personally used to using clay masks, and when I found out that these were sheet masks I was intrigued. Unsure of what this is? Maskeraide describes a sheet mask as “a special type of facial mask made from a thin fiber sheet that is cut to contour to your face. The fiber mask is soaked in a highly concentrated serum that is infused with vitamins and nutrients.” They’ve created 6 different masks to tailor to 6 different needs.

I know, we look a little crazy, but it's totally worth it.

Each mask begins with an Argan Oil based serum full of vitamins and nutrients, then specially formulated ingredients are added to target specific concerns (each mask targets a different area).  They use 2 different types of serums in their masks – cream and liquid – cream based masks are better for the evening before bed, while the liquid based masks are lighter and great during the day before applying your makeup! Plus, the masks are free of parabens, harsh dyes and artificial fragrances, so you know that you’re not putting anything bad on your skin and in your body.

 The 6 different kinds of masks they’ve created are All Nighter (awake, replenish and refresh), Detox Diva (cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify), I Don’t Wanna Grow Up (lift, firm and soften fine lines), Beauty Rest’ore (restore, regenerate and repair), Weather Warrior (calm, soothe and heal) and Pre Party Prep (brighten, prime and energize).

I knew I was going to fall in love as soon as I saw the packaging, which is was too cute. Of course, I couldn’t base my review solely on the packaging, and I really did enjoy using these sheet masks. The mask is really simple to apply, it doesn’t go anywhere, and it doesn’t create a mess.  I think my favourite part of applying these was the cooling sensation I felt as soon as I put them on.  I found that you can even store them in the fridge to enhance this – it’s really relaxing and soothing.  I also found that these masks really worked.  I noticed results as soon as I took them off.  My favourite had to be the Detox Diva – my skin felt so smooth and soft after I took it off, I felt like I’d just gotten an amazing facial. Another fave?  Pre Party Prep – I found this really was perfect before a night out – it left my skin perfectly prepped for my makeup!

You can find out more about Maskeraide sheet masks and order ($4.99 each) on their website here.  will you give Maskeraide a try?