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Which lip shade best suits your skin tone?

From lip glosses and balms, to lip liners and tints, there’s a huge range of products us girls can use to make our lips look more plump, full of colour, hydrated and kissable. Many women tend to buy lipstick because they like the colour, rather than choosing a product that best suits their complexion. This is why we have put together a lip colour guide to help you find the perfect shade.

Different coloured lipsticks suit different occasions. A more natural look can be achieved by using a clear shimmer gloss, perfect for casual nights in with the girls and watch movies. On the other hand, a seductive deep red is ideal for making your lips look luscious on a hot date or a night out. Let’s find out which shade best suits you.

Dark berry and purples

Rihanna is often seen boasting beautiful plump aubergine-tinted lips. Deep purples suit those with darker complexions and olive skin tones, as well as those with pale complexions. Opt for a deep purple with a metallic finish to give a luscious luxe look.


Deep Burgundy

A deep wine colour creates statement lips on those with pale complexions. Darker skin tones can enhance the shape of their lips by using this colour too. Choose a lipstick with a matte finish to make your lips look smooth and soft.



Those with olive skin really suit vibrant coral colours. They’ll make your lips stand out and brighten your complexion. If you have yellow undertones in your skin then you will also suit coral lipsticks.


Baby pink

A baby pink colour is a great way of boasting a beautiful natural look. Pale pinks gently enhance a classic English rose complexion.


Glossy, matte and curvy lips

You can make your lips look more hydrated, moist and luscious by using clear shimmer gloss over your lipstick. For a smooth, matte look, try coating your lipstick with a clear lip balm and smooth it out gently. A lip liner on the other hand is an excellent way of making your lips look more curvy and shapely.