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Cake Beauty Sweethearts Luscious Velveteen Hand Creme


Today’s Valentine’s Day, which essentially means it’s time to spoil the one that you love – and why shouldn’t that be you?? Cake Beauty recently released their limited edition Sweethearts collection, which is based on the cute candy hearts we all love.  I say Valentine’s Day is time to treat yourself to something special, and this collection is perfect for it.  The packaging is pink, cute, and even features a fun little message on candy hearts.

I’ve been using the Cake Beauty Sweethearts Luscious Velveteen Hand Creme – it’s the newest scent of their bestselling Velveteen Hand Creme.  There’s a reason this stuff is so popular.  It feels very light for a hand cream, just kind of glides on, and while it leaves the skin feeling very soft, it doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue once it’s been absorbed. The Sweethearts scent is delicious  (It really makes me hungry for dessert).  It’s sweet, with hints of vanilla, and will probably want to make you head over to the store to stock up on some half price Valentine’s Day candy.

Also available in this collection: Sweethearts Luscious Bath & Shower Froth, Sweethearts Luscious Lip Butter-Balm, Sweethearts Luscious Hair & Body Mist and Sweethearts Luscious Body Butter.

Price: $20.00

Where to Buy: Online at cakebeauty.com, Murale, and various retailers worldwide (for a list, click here)