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Kissable Lips for Valentine’s Day

Valentine Lips

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year when you want to make sure your pout is looking (and feeling) perfect, for a couple of reasons I’m sure you can guess.  Between making your lips soft and looking cute, you’re going to be ready for tomorrow, so I’ve got a couple of tips and products to help.

First off, you’re going to want to start by prepping the lips so they feel soft.  Exfoliation is key for getting rid of dead skin and making sure they’re nice and smooth.  You can do this by rubbing a toothbrush in circular motions along your lips, or you can use a lip scrub to get rid of any flakes and to leave your lips feeling moisturized.  Earlier, I posted a tutorial for a DIY lip scrub, which is so easy to make – you can view the tutorial here.

Next up is the big decision – what to wear on your lips.  I’m going to recommend sticking with either a cute glossy balm or a stain – something that will look nice, and you won’t have to worry about transfer to your Valentine, which I’m sure they’ll like.

Balms are great for softening your lips and will even add a bit of a glossy sheen.  My picks for Valentine’s Day – The Body Shop Chocomania Lip Butter (it smells like brownie batter and is very hydrating) and Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner (provides amazing moisture – my lips feel super smooth when I put it on!).

A stain is perfect for Valentine’s Day because it will add really nice colour to your lips and will last for hours without any worry of transfer.  My pick: Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain – I love these stains for their gorgeous colours and staying power.  One little note – stains can leave your lips a little dry as they just stain the lips, they don’t offer any moisturizing properties, so you may want to add the included balm on top.

And if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day spoiling yourself, I say have a little fun and rock a bold lip colour like Annabelle Twistup in Flirtini!

Happy Valentine’s Day beauties!  What are your top lip picks for today?