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The Body Shop Deluxe Chocomania Collection

The Body Shop Chocomania Collection

Today I have to share something with you that I know will excite anyone with a sweet tooth – the Body Shop Deluxe Chocomania Collection.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day (who says chocolate has to be bad for you?), The Body Shop is reintroducing their decadent Chocomania collection with a new look.  The collection includes a body lotion, body butter, lip butter and an exfoliating scrub, and it smells amazing.  The collection smells almost like brownie batter when you first take a smell – though you won’t want to give this a taste. If you’re a little worried that smelling like chocolate all day might be a bit too much, don’t worry.  Once applied and rubbed into the skin, the scent fades into more of a rich cocoa  scent which isn’t overwhelming.

Chocomania Body Butter

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter ($6 / 50 ml) – Ahh, the body butters that make the world go round.  I’ve had a slight obsession with these for years (satsuma is my go to) and couldn’t wait to try out the Chocomania version.  Like it’s counterparts, this body butter is very rich and moisturizing, with a thick, creamy texture that lives skin feeling amazing.

Chocomania Lip Butter

The Body Shop Chocomania Lip Butter ($10) – Believe it or not, despite my love for the Body Shop Body Butters, I’ve actually never tried the Lip Butters, so this was really nice to try out.  This lip butter goes on very light, yet still give the lips really nice moisture – my lips instantly felt soft when I applied it.  It also gave a nice, light sheen which was great –  a little bit of  glossy finish.

The Body Shop chocomania  Body Lotion

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Lotion ($12) – For those of you who find the Body Butters to be a little too heavy for your taste, you may want to check out the Body Lotion.  This lotion is the lightweight sister of the Body Shop’s famous Body Butters – it applies very light and rubs in well leaving no trace behind.  The skin feels very moisturized thanks to the fair trade cocoa butter included in it.

The Body Shop Strawberry Beautifying Oil

The Body Shop Strawberry Beautifying Oil ($14) – Along with some products from the Chocomania line, I got to try out The Body Shop’s new Strawberry Beautifying Oil – a multi-use product for moisturising, smoothing and illuminating.  This product can be used on hair, face and body to give skin and hair a little more love.  The oil nourishes while adding a beautiful, healthy sheen.

Together, the Chocomania and Strawberry lines create a sexy and decadent, yet romantic, scent which is perfect for Valentine’s Day – seriously, how sexy are chocolate covered strawberries?