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Redken x Chloe Comme Parris Hair (+ how to)

Redken chloe Comme PArris

My favourite hair from WMCFW so far has to be the Bohemian Grunge style created by Redken for the Chloe Comme Parris runway show on Monday night.  See below for steps and the Redken products used to create this look.

How to:

1. Use Fabricate 03 on all the hair to ensure natural flow.  Then apply Guts 10 to give texture and grit to the hair, and wrap dry to create natural flow.

2.  Take the hair from the entire left side of the head to create a French braid, then turn it into a long ponytail.

3.  Once the braid is formed pull strands to create loops to add character.  Take two small sections of hair to fall over the French braid and from those sections create two small braids.

4. Use a piece of the fringe to incorporate into a braid at the right side of the head – this will keep the hair away from the face.  Create two more small braids going around the head.

5.  At the back of the head, pull sections and spiral wrap with a 1″ curling iron.  Finish with Control Addict 28.