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Redken x Vawk – WMCFW 2013

Redken Vawk WMCFW 2013


I think one of my favourite hairstyles at WMCFW last week had to be the sleek, twisty side ponies Redken’s Jorge Joao created for the Vawk show on Thursday night.  I was lucky enough to be backstage while the models were getting prepped for this show and was able to get a firsthand look as the models were being styled!

Redken Vawk WMCFW 2013

How to get the look:

1.  Apply Redken Pure Force 16 and Shine Flash 02 for a wet look.

2.  Create an aggressive side part and sweep hair along the back of the head, twisting as you go, to create a pony tail that lies over the shoulder.

3.  Wrap the ponytail knot with hair and bobby pin in place.

4.  Flat iron the pony tail using Redken Iron Shape 11 and spray with Control Addict 28 to fan out the ponytail.

5.  Finish with more Shine Flash 02.


Would you try this style?