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WMCFW By The Numbers


As some of you may know, last week I was lucky enough to spend some time backstage at WMCFW, which gave me the perfect opportunity to see the Redken, Maybelline and Essie teams hard at work.  They worked tirelessly all week to ensure the models looked perfect for the runway – it was pretty amazing to see the chaos of backstage.  So much hard work goes into what happens before the models walk, and I’ve got a few stats to break it down for you.  Prepare to be amazed.

1652 – the number of Maybelline lip products that were used (including 932 lipsticks in 148 different shades, 450 lip glosses, 180 Baby Lips & 90 lip liners)

1500  – the number of individual press on nails that were polished

612 – the number of Maybelline eyeshadows (in over 30 different shades and finishes) that were used

500 – the number of heads of hair Redken styled

375 – the number of cans of Redken gloss, paste, mist and spray used

334 – the number of tubes of Maybelline mascara (in 8 different varieties) that were used, with 988 mascara wands

50 – the number of lbs of bobbie pins that were used

31 – the number of stylists (including Jorge Joao) on hand for Redken

28 – the number of designers Redken created styles for

18 – the number of Essie shades used throughout the week

17 – the number of Maybelline makeup artists (including Grace Lee) who were on hand

12 – the number of bottles of Essie top coat the Essie team went through – Most popular bottle – Matte About You (this stuff is like a unicorn, it’s almost impossible to get your hands on) – it was used for 6 shows

6 – the number of girls on the Essie team (including Rita Remark) that worked full time for the 5 days

1 – the number of lbs of elastics that were used



Those are some pretty amazing numbers if you ask me… Just goes to show you how much goes on backstage before the models even step on the runway.