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Spa Week in Toronto


In need of a little pampering?  If you live in the Toronto area and are looking to relax and enjoy yourself a little, you’re probably going to want to check out Way Spa’s Spa Week.  Taking place April 15-21st, it gives Torontonians a chance to get out to some of the greatest spas the city has to offer for amazing spa treatments for only $50(!) – I’m thinking I might need to treat myself to a little birthday present.  This yearly event began in 2004, and this will be Toronto’s first time participating.

I think this is a great way to get people who might not normally take a trip to the spa to get out and enjoy themselves.  I definitely can’t be the only one who enjoys a good massage and facial!  You can sign up for Spa Week here to get access to all the great deals the week has to offer. Take a look at a few of the treatments I’m hoping to take advantage of with some great savings:

– Jade Wellness: Swedish Massage + Mini Facial + Choice of OPI Manicure of Pedicure – $110 value

– Shizen Pantages: Dead Sea Scrub, full body exfoliation – $110 value

– Lavender Spa: Organic Facial Special – $95 value

That’s just a taste of the numerous treatments available at the various spas.  Treatments range from  manicures & pedicures to massages to facials, and everything in between.  You can easily get your entire body taken care of and rejuvenated if you take advantage of a few of these offers.

Which treatment would you most like to receive?  Are you going to check out Spa Week?