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Mani Monday: Luxe Coat

Any Julep lovers out there?  Well, there’s a new kid on the monthly nail polish box block – Luxe Coat.  I recently learned about this new service (I haven’t personally had a chance to give it a try yet) and I’m intrigued.  The first month of your subscription you receive a Luxe Coat starter kit that contains your mani essentials.  Every month afterwards you’ll receive 3 trendy polishes (which, might I add, are Vegan and Cruelty Free!) to help build your collection.

To help launch this new box, they’ve teamed up with funny man Andy Milonakis to create the video “Andy Milonakis Gets Nailed” – take a look:


Will you give Luxe Coat a try?  I’ll update with details once I have a little more info on this subscription.