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OBSESSION:: Nivea Lip Butter + the Nivea Mobile Haus is coming!

Nivea Lip Butter

I love love love lip butters, and was so excited when I was finally able to get my hands on the Nivea Lip Butters in Vanilla & Macadamia.  I’ve heard so many people rave about these and really wanted to see what the fuss was all about.  First of all, I’m going to have to start with the scent.  These smell so good it should almost be illegal.  I’m actually not kidding when I say that every time I open one up I want to eat it… Don’t worry, I haven’t actually given in to the temptation yet.  These smell like a combination of vanilla, heaven and unicorns (emphasis on vanilla).

Nivea Lip Butter

As for the actual product – I’m used to lip butters that have more of a “gel” feel and these strayed away from that.  They are extremely creamy, which I really like – they go on smoothly and leave my lips feeling baby soft.  I really like applying this before bed so I can wake up with really moisturized lips.  One thing I want to add is that these are best kept out of heat as best as you can as they can get a little melted if they get too warm.

After giving these a try for a few weeks, I can definitely see what all the hype is about – yep, I’m obsessed.

Another thing for you Nivea lovers – the NIVEA Haus is back!  This year, it’s going to be hitting the road as it takes on a mobile form and drives across Canada, making stops in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Montreal.  If you’re going to be in the area when the mobile haus will be making a stop, I highly suggest going in to check it out.  You’ll get a chance to learn about Nivea products, get your skin analyzed, receive product samples and if you’re lucky you might even win a giveaway!  If you want to find out when the NIVEA Mobile Haus will be in your area, you can check out the schedule at Nivea.ca.  I’m going to be stopping by the Haus on Wednesday to check it out, and I’ll make sure to share my experience with you!

Nivea Haus