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WMCFW SS 14 Day 2 Beauty: Laura Siegal, Melissa Nepton, Tatsuaki

I am so excited to share the beauty looks from Day 2 of WMCFW with you – they are full of colour and so much fun!  I actually had the chance to see the Melissa Nepton show and got to see all of the looks on the runway – the makeup was fantastic but of course didn’t steal the show from the designs.  Take a look at the looks from Day 2:

Laura Siegal

Day 2, wmcfw, laura siegal
Laura Siegal at WMCFW SS 14 (Photo Credit: Redken, Jake Rosenberg via Maybelline)

Hair: Start with clean natural waved hair. Make a clean left side part.  Use a quarter-sized amount of Redken’s Signature Series Ruffle Up 14 volume building gel, and run through the hair that is on the left side. This will add nice grip so you can French braid that side of the hair from the front hair line down to the back of the neck.  On the remaining rest of the hair spray in Fashion Waves 07 a texturizing sea spray to add a beach texture, and end with Control Addict 28 to control any fly aways. (Side note: This is hands down my favourite hair at WMCFW so far!)

Makeup: Don’t be shy – heavily rim the eyes with two different types of eyeliner (Maybelline New York EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black and Master Drama Cream Pencil in Midnight Master) to really emphasize a strong gaze. Outline the blackened waterline with a fine brush using EyeStudio Color Tattoo Pure Pigments Loose Powder Shadow in Brash Blue to pack a colourful punch.

Nails: Coat the entire nail with 2 coats of Midnight Cami, followed by one large horizontal stripe of Lapiz of Luxury and one smaller horizontal stripe of Blanc in the middle. Use a brush to smudge and blend together for a “tie dye” effect.  Finish with one coat of No Chips Ahead.

Melissa Nepton

Melissa Nepton at WMCFW SS 14 (Photo Credit: Jake Rosenberg via Maybelline)

Makeup: Dab Maybelline New York EyeStudio Color Tattoo Pure Pigments Loose Powder Shadow in Wild Gold into the inner corners of the eye and Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow in Fierce n’ Tangy onto the centre of the eyelid. Apply the Pure Pigments Loose Powder Shadow in Pink Rebel in a c-shape along the temple, much like you would apply a bronzer or highlight. Add mascara to the top and bottom lashes to complete the look.


Tatsuaki Redken
Tatsuaki at WMCFW SS 14 (Photo Credit: Redken)

Redken: Start with clean flat-ironed hair smoothed down with Redken Two Smooth 03.  With a comb, section the hair from ear to ear, holding in a pony tail then brush back away from the face and tie off with an elastic to make one pony tail. Section the hair again from lower behind the ear brush back into a second pony tail.  Brush together all remaining hair in to a lower ponytail.  Wrap around the first ponytail electrical tape or ribbon. Connect second ponytail to first and wrap electrical tape or ribbon around ponytail. Now connect the second ponytail to last pony tail and wrap with the tape or ribbon.  Finish look with Fashion Work 12 to control any fly aways.

Mercedes Benz Startup

Mercedes Benz Startup at WMCFW SS 14 (Photo Credit: Redken)
Mercedes Benz Startup at WMCFW SS 14 (Photo Credit: Redken)

Hair: Start with clean straight hair; use Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine to add shine and sleekness.  Create a centre part and brush behind the ears and bring down to a low ponytail.  Spray Pure Force 16 into the ponytail end and spin and pin into a bun.  After the bun is complete finish with Fashion Work 12 to clean up any loose ends.