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Winter Woes: Keep Your Dry Skin Hydrated

Ugh.  I swear, this is the winter that just. Won’t. End.  Every time I think it might start getting a little better and we might get a little bit of a break from this brutal dry cold, we get hit with another day of -30 will wind chill weather (in the Toronto area, at least).  Now, there are more than a few things I dislike about winter – and right at the top of my list is the dry, flaky, dehydrated skin that comes with this frigid season.  I’ve rounded up some great products and tips to help keep your dry skin hydrated while you try to wait for spring.

So, first off, here are a few of my favourite tips for keeping you skin soft and hydrated in the cold:

  • Keep your shower/bath lukewarm and to a minimum.  I know in the middle of winter all you want to do is have a 20-minute long steaming hot shower to warm up, but unfortunately this is no good for your skin as the hot water dries your skin out even more and gets rid of its natural oils.
  • Apply lotion right out of the shower, before your skin is completely dry.  Pat yourself down with a towel and slather on your moisturiser.  It will use the “leftover” water to moisturize more deeply.
  • Keep drinking water!  I know this is a tip that I have a tendency to bring up quite often, but it really is one that I cannot stress enough.  You have to hydrate yourself from the inside to help hydrate yourself on the outside.

Now, onto a few products that can help you give your skin back the moisture it needs.

Palmers cocoa butter, palmers cocoa butter formula, palmer's concentrated cream, palmer's moisturizing body oil,  winter skin, dry skin, moisturizers, body lotion

For Extremely Dehydrated Skin: I’ve recently been introduced to Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula and it really couldn’t have come at a better time.  My body is so, so dry and needs a little extra TLC.  I’ve been using these three products and man, do they ever work.  The moisturizing body oil has been a great addition to my shower routine (make sure you wipe down your tub after using it), and when followed up by the original cocoa butter formula or the concentrated cream, my skin is in heaven.

fruits and passion body butter. fruits and passion 24h moisturizing butter, fuitrs and passion guava, fruits and passion lotion, body butter, body lotion, winter dry skin

For the Scent Obsessed: I’m absolutely a sucker for a delicious smelling body product, so this Fruits & Passion 24H Moisturizing Butter in Grapefruit Guava is right up my alley.  The scent isn’t overpowering but is beautifully tropical, while the creamy lotion gives the skin great moisture.

moroccan oil body butter, moroccan oil intense hydrating treatment, moroccan oil body, moroccan oil lotion, winter skin, dry skin, body lotion, body butter

For the Luxury Lover: Those of you who love the finer things in life will appreciate these Moroccan Oil body products, formulate with argan oil for a deep, antio-oxidant rich experience.  The Moroccan Oil Body Butter is thick and creamy, and feels divine on the skin.  The Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Treatment, with a gel formula that deeply penetrates the skin.  It does leave behind a bit of an oily feel – my suggestion is to apply this before bed so it it allowed to penetrate overnight – you’ll wake up to skin that feels fantastic.

polysporin skin, polysporin moisturizer, polysporin eczema essentials, polysporin eczema

For the Eczema Sufferer: I personally don’t have eczema, but I have a few friends who breathed a sigh of relief when I introduced them to the Polysporin Eczema Essentials line, comprised of a daily moisturizing cream, daily body was and anti-itch cream.  I know how irritating eczema can be in the winter, with painful, dry, itchy skin coming as a result of it.  Give this line a try and based on what my friends have said, you can expect to see some major relief from these symptoms.

eos hand lotion, evolution of smooth, eos skin, eos lotion, eos hands, hand lotion, dry winter skin

For your Dry Hands: I think the part of my body that suffers the most during the winter is my hands.  Between being out in the cold and working at a bar, my hands take a beating this time of year.  I’ve been a fan of eos lip balms for years now, and fell in love with these egg shaped eos Hand Lotions as well.  They can fit in the palm of your hand and are the perfect purse size so you can bring them around wherever you need to go.  They’re moisturizing but don’t leave your hands greasy (a big pet peeve of mine) and yeah, they’re pretty cute.

How do you keep your skin moisturized during the winter?  What are some of your favourite products?