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Essie Resort 2014 Collection: Resort Fling Swatches & Pics

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Guys, you have no idea how excited I am that I can finally share the Essie Resort 2014 Collection with you.  I’m not kidding.  It’s been weighing heavy on my beauty blogging soul since WMCFW back in October when I was first given it, and now I am extremely happy that I am able to share it with you!

At first glance, this collection immediately takes me to the beach.  I’m transported from a chilly, cold Canadian winter to a place where I can feel the sand between my toes while the smooth, clear water laps at the shore.  I just find this collection to be so calming, elegant and warm.

“Find me an oasis, because I’m packed and ready to relax in island style.  I want it all: endless sunshine, crystal blue waters and cocktails & coconuts.  How will I ever pass the time under the twilight?  Flirting with my one and only resort fling, of course!

essie find me an oasis, essie resort 2014, essie resort 2014 swatch, essie find me and oasis swatch, essie light blue, essie porcelain blue, essue swatchWe’ll start off with Essie Find Me An Oasis (refreshing ice blue), hands down my favourite shade from the collection.  Bright and bold while being a nice few shades away from white, this makes for a really fresh mani that screams out for spring.  Beautifully opaque and smooth, this polish applies like a dream.  Two coats is all that is needed for a full look.

essie under the twilight, essie under the twilight swatch, essie resort 2014, essie resort swatch, essie spring 2014

And now we have Essie Under the Twilights (provocative smokey plum).  While not typically a shade that I would think of when it comes to spring, I do really enjoy this shade. It reminds me a bit of After School Boy Blazer in it’s colour and glossy finish, but the slightly purple hint to it keeps it from being too dark for the upcoming spring season.

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Another pretty addition to this collection is Essie Resort Fling (alluring coral peach), which makes me think of orange sherbet.  A lovely creamy orange, this shade does come through more sheer than the other two, and requires a few coats if you want a more opaque look like above. Once I have about 3 coats on, this shade is gorgeous!  Bring on the creamsicles…

essie cocktails & coconuts, essie cocktails & coconuts swatch, essie resort 2014, essie resort 2014 swatch, essie resort collection, essie spring 2014

And finally, we have Essie Cocktails & Coconuts (subtle, shimmering warm sand), which is a lovely almost-nude shade that’s been lightened just a little.  It’s warm, with very subtle flecks of shimmer spread throughout – I know you can’t see them very well in the above photo, but I swear they’re there!

The Essie Resort 2014 Collection will be available in March 2014.  What do you think of these shades?