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Canada’s Handyman Challenge #CHC


Hi everyone – hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!  This isn’t something I would normally do but I would love a little hand here.  I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with the show Canada’s Handyman Challenge, but my Uncle Michael is currently on – he’s made it to the top 6 with the semi-finals coming up this Tuesday!  I’m so proud and impressed with the work he’s done, and it’s been amazing to watch.


Anyways, of course there’s a point to this post.  They currently have a fan favourite vote going on and we’ve been working hard to get him votes.  I would absolutely love it if you could give him a quick vote (you can even do this daily if you’d like) to lend him some more support!  You can vote here – his name is Michael Thomson.  Thank you so much lovelies!