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Vacation Ready Nails with imPRESS Gel Manicure

impress Gel Manicure

Vacation nails – how do you do yours? As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I’m currently in Costa Rica for 2 weeks. Now, when I go away, I don’t want to spend time worrying about my nails. Polish is bound to chip and I don’t want to fuss over having to redo my mani several times throughout my trip, as it could be spent doing better things – like drinking rum from coconuts. I’m also not a shellac girl – My nails are in pretty good shape right now, and I plan on keeping them that way – plus I can’t wear the same colour for too long!

Cue the imPRESS Gel Manicure. I’ve worn these tons of times before and absolutely love them, but I recently learned something that’s making my love them even more – they’re the only waterproof press-on nails! As if the fact that they’re super easy to apply wasn’t good enough (you literally peel and stick), this makes them even more vacation friendly!

Plus, the variety of super cute (and Instagram-worthy) designs make these perfect for my trip. Convenience? Check. Long lasting? Check. Fun shades & patterns? Check. I threw a set on before I left for vacay & brought spares along in case of any mishaps, because throwing a new one on takes seconds and I’m ready to jump back into the surf.

Have you ever tried imPRESS nails?


Disclaimer: This post may contain samples sent for editorial consideration, but as always opinions are 100% my own! xo