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Tattoo Refresh with Tatul

tatul (2)

How many of you have a tattoo? I’m willing to bet that most of you do. I got my first tattoo about 10 years ago (my mom took me to get it when I turned 18), and I’ve gotten a couple more over the years. I love my tattoos – they all tell a story about some part of my life, and I’m definitely planning on getting more!

Now of course, over time, tattoos have a tendency to fade as the skin ages, meaning they aren’t as vibrant and defined as they were originally. I’ve seen this through mine, especially the first one, and would love to bring them back to their original state. I was recently introduced to Tatul, a device that helps to resurface the skin to help restore the brightness of tattoos that have faded, painlessly, and without having the have the tattoo redone.

Tatul Body Art Enhancer

It works in a two-part process to remove the top layer of dead skin, revealing the new skin & helping the tattoo to show through more clear. First, the diamond-tipped device is used to exfoliate the skin, sloughing off the top layer. It glides over the skin, removing the dead skin with the tip and using a suction method to clean it up. It’s completely painless (more of a scratching feeling) and works really quickly – you only need to pass it over the areas you’re planning to clean up 2-3 times. Afterwards, a skin-brightening serum, that has been designed to enhance the skin’s definition and colour, is applied to the treated area to finish the process. The new skin continues to take the place of the dead skin over the next few days to enhance the look of your tattoo.

Tatul Body Art Enhancer
Left – before treatment, right – post-treatment

As you can see in the image above, it absolutely helped to bring out the definition in my tattoo and brighten it – I’m actually really impressed with the results! Keep in mind that this tattoo hasn’t been touched in ten years (almost to the day), so to see if brought back like this using a procedure that only took a few minutes is pretty amazing. The process was painless, with an interesting suctioning sensation, and works really quickly. I can’t wait to try it out on my others!

Do you have any tattoos you would like to freshen up?